What is Collaborative Divorce?


The Collaborative approach to divorce emphasizes communication and cooperation, rather than conflict. It helps couples avoid the expensive and uncertain outcome of a court battle. In a Collaborative Divorce, each party has a specially-trained lawyer and the benefit of neutral family relations specialists and financial professionals. The professionals work as a team to help the spouses craft a settlement that best meets their individual needs as well as the needs of their children.

A Collaborative Divorce has three foundational principles:


Both spouses promise in writing not to start the court process while the Collaborative discussions continue. This focus on problem solving and reaching agreements.


There is complete, open and transparent communication between clients, their Collaboratively-trained attorneys, and neutral professionals who add their expertise to the process.


Negotiations are conducted in a manner which is more likely than litigation to lead to the spouses reaching a final agreement on all issues in less time than the traditional litigation process.

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