Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

Preserve Relationships

Because the Collaborative Divorce process focuses on each person's goals, it is more likely that the parties will reach mutually beneficial and acceptable agreements on all issues enabling the parties to have a more stable relationship moving forward and is more likely to increase the odds that you will stay out of court in the future should an issue arise later.

Protect Privacy

The parties resolve their issues out of Court so there are no public appearances in court for others to witness and no intimate details about your life available in the public court record system.

Gives You Control

A Collaborative divorce is a friendlier, kinder, gentler divorce that will keep you away from contentious, expensive courtroom drama. It allows the parties to decide their own fates, as opposed to having a judge, who does not know you, decide your future.

Promotes Effective Communication

The purpose of a Collaborative divorce is to change both of your mindsets from “win-lose” to “win-win” and to “work together, problem solve, and negotiate” rather than battle with your spouse in each step of the court process. This translates to the real world after the divorce is complete because it teaches you effective communication strategies.

Saves Time and Money

The Collaborative divorce approach not only significantly reduces the pain and heartache of this difficult process; it can also reduce the amount of time and money you are forced to spend on your divorce.

Reduces Stress

You are able to work to settle your matter in a much more relaxed environment as opposed to having to go to Court. Documents are exchanged in an informal process and attorneys work with each other to meet the parties' goals as opposed to working against each other fighting to see who can win the most. The process is future focused instead of blaming each other for what happened in the past.